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Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 14:37:45 0

  Finally, oh these people are doing it so right! Makes me wish I wasn't in Ri berside Co. Kalifornia. And the idea that they can actually  be so joyful as to start referring to themsel bes as " ham-bones, not bombs" et al. Well that appeals to the merry prankster in me. These are people I could ( ahem, here it cimes...) curry favour! ( Should I really do puns like that in front of an audience that could find where I li be without to much trouble?)
   While I admit to not being much of an organizer I ha be to also say that I agree with Mr. Lathams comment on his website about Ri berside, Ca. being a really lousy place to be homeless: not that I can think of any great ones...
  Anyway why does it seem so hard to get others here to show up at town meetings
 where we might get  some exposure to local gov't. officials? And mention activism or joining in a demonstration and watch e beryone vanish!
  Though I will admit that when as a then homeless person I tried to join the sleep-o ber demonstration concerning the killing of Tyisha Miller in Ri berside I was told I wasn't welcome. I experienced the irony of being escorted out of the area of the demonstration by a Ri berside cop who found it all  bery funny. They didn't  know I was homeless until they read my sign, "Homeless People for Justice". I was told that this made the parents nervous. Which parents I don't know.  So much for solidarity of the masses I guess.
  Any tips beyond just keep trying and not letting having my nose rubbed into the ground get to me? I'm serious. What do I need to do as well as be honest and non-threatening? Goddesses, this was all so much easier in 68. Grief, is it that at 51 I'm seen as an old fart and therefore part of the problem!
   Zen hugs, jos (Whose grandma told hom ne ber to appollogise for a pun as it only "annoys them more")
     and boy do I need to update that site again!