[Hpn] Homeless People's Feedback

Natalie Profant NProfant@lahsa.org
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 09:50:49 -0800

Hi there,
Our agency coordinates the Continuum of Care for Los Angeles County (except
Pasadena, Glendale and Long Beach).  Last year, as part of our process, we
conducted a number of meetings with homeless services consumers, including
persons with a history of substance abuse, persons with mental illness, and
homeless families.  It was very illuminating because (surprise!) they
pointed to issues and problems not raised by the service providers.

I would be very interested in being put in touch with the "city official in
an urban USA community" mentioned in your posting dated January 8, 2001.  Is
there a reason for the anonymity?

I could also share with you the questions and responses we heard.

Natalie Profant Komuro
Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs
Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
(213) 683-3343