[Hpn] Triple FEDERAL HOMELESS AID, Mayors ask Bush (fwd)

David and Deb Ward dlwdaw@bellatlantic.net
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 06:37:29 -0500

I know here is pittsburgh, social service providers get paid very
poorly. Their wages are barley above minimum wage.

Dave Ward

john macpherson wrote:

> As long as the homeless are silent partners in this
> form of abuse of funds the non-accountability will
> continue.  Is 50% or more of the jobs going to the
> Homeless at a fair market wage. Can you account for at
> a minimum 70% of the funds supporting the homeless in
> providing services? Usually 80% of the money is spent
> on the collection of data. How much paperwork must you
> do as a client do to get 5 cent comb, bar of soap,
> toothpaste.  How much does the service provider get
> paid for your meal in the soup kitchen, or day center.
> Every shelter mandates a head count, for estimating
> there paperwork in funding and the churches often get
> little in return for staffing, food,
> supplies,utilities, because the agency tells me that
> they don't qualify, we didn't get the federal forms
> that the service agency is responsible for.
> --- elijah huffman <hobo_poet@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > This really sounds nice,on the surface, But I must
> > question.  If this
> > actually happens, where will the money go? To make
> > some organization
> > stronger? To give someone the revenue, allowing them
> > to afford giving their
> > cousin a cush admin job? To build a new building or
> > annex, that the homeless
> > can only access a few hours a day? If they can even
> > access at all.
> > At the same time these mayors propose this, I wonder
> > if they are allowing
> > ther police,to 'pull sweeps' chasing homeless from
> > one place
> > to another, causing them to not be able to have any
> > little piece of turf to
> > call 'home'
> >
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