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Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
for immediate release
January 31, 2001

Preparation for attack on Tent City - to be the first
casualty of Toronto's Olympic bid

Thursday, Feb. 1, 2001 8:30 am -City Hall in front of doors
just prior to City Council meeting considering homeless

Staff report from Commissioner of Community and
Neighbourhood Services says "The relocation of the people
and structures at the Tent City site "as is" to another site
is not considered an option." Also, it states under
"Conclusions" that Home Depot must ensure that people living
at the Tent City site leave the site in the near future to
prevent  their continued exposure to environmental hazards.
It is clear that the City is instructing Home Depot to
remove the homeless squatters on the waterfront. The Tent
City community is at risk of becoming the first casualty of
Toronto's Olympic bid. Prior to and during the Atlanta and
Sydney Olympics tens of thousands of homeless people were
either arrested, and or displaced - deja vu.

The Commissioner's report is using the excuse that "the site
is known to be contaminated by heavy metals that present an
unacceptable health risk", and also that any accommodation
option must meet minimal residential and public health
standards for water, sewage, cooking facilities, lighting
and heating. The Report disputes the fact that TDRC has in
fact provided various forms of light, heat and portable
toilets. The TDRC has been meeting with residents for weeks
to plan a relocation to a site that would include what the
Report terms "alternative temporary accommodation that meets
all minimal health and safety standards". Had the Report's
authors investigated further and accepted the offers of TDRC
Steering Committee members for a meeting they would have
become aware of their errors.

"Clearly, the using of health risks is a ruse." says Cathy
Crowe.  "Most of Toronto's hostels do not meet minimal
health and safety standards."

Karl Schmidt, a longtime resident of Tent City sums up Tent
City's and TDRC's position, "It's not going to go like
that - we will not be moved."


Graeme <graeme.bacque@3web.net>

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