[Hpn] Joy-Boy (J. Reynalds) weighs in... AND A FUN SURVEY!!!

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Wed, 31 Jan 2001 15:11:52 -0500

wow n i thought i was the blue meanie.
   enough of this jeremie bashing. i have a brother that is ordained by the
church of the nazarene as a compassionate minister. he and my mother run a
system of shelters that have gotten state money for years . they started out
with two rooms in their church (which my father,another preacher, had to start
to be able to do his thing) dedicated to parents with children, the concept was
to put houseless parents in the houses of folks that had more rooms than they
needed. empty nesters n such.
    a plug for me here. i badgered them as wealthy uncaring religious nuts for
years before they saw how to do this. to this day they can't hire me to help in
their mission cause i can't pass a drug test or a cory
     religious folks have always been at the forefront of helping the less
fortunate. the hobo (knights of the road cards are still out there) knew
he could show up at most churches and get a meal n a bed. as i was growing up
there was always some bum showin up n pop (a nazaene rev)would drag him home
for dinner n a room in a basement at the church where they could sleep on a
cot. they had to be polite. n they had to listen to pop pray for their soul n
     whenever the local factory laid off we could count on one or two folks
showin up lookin for help with findin a new shack to live in, that was the way
things worked. we're talkin 50's small town country life.
      so let us look at where we are today. i don't mind the "state" givin my
money to anyone if they're gonna help. i don't believe one group is any better
than another according to their noame or belief, i think they are good or bad
depending on their ability to see a problem and a solution and the ability to
match the two.
     my mother thought that women with children would do better in home type
settings and  found that common folks with empty rooms would help. she has  20
host families. for older folks on fixed incomes with too many rooms to heat
this works out well, as they are paid by the state by the day for their room.
     my brother has sold this to the big church. they are attempting to broaden
the scope to a world wide mission.

Bonnie Briggs wrote:

> >
> > > Joy Junction director Jeremy Reynalds said he hopes the president's
> >funding
> > > plan never becomes reality. Instead, Reynalds wants government to
> >cooperate
> > > with faith-based organizations like his homeless shelter in terms of
> > > decreasing burdensome regulations.
> >
> >Oh, and what would those "burdensome regulations" be? Public oversight?
> >Providing fiscal information to the IRS? Compliance with the Americans with
> >Disabilities Act? Health and safety inspections? Reporting staff salaries?
> >
> >Inquiring minds want to know!
> >
> > > If Joy Junction received government money, it could no longer make it
> > > mandatory for clients to attend religious education and religious
> >services,
> > > he said.
> >
> >OK, let's have a quick fun survey HPN'ers:
> >
> >1 - Would you willingly submit to mandatory religious education and
> >religious services in exchange for three hots and a cot, or would you
> >rather
> >keep your personal dignity and spirituality intact by doing a stint in the
> >county jail instead?
> Bonnie here...
>   I think I would rather go to jail. People should have a choice.
> >
> >2- Would it be a hypocritical act to deny services to someone because they
> >aren't members of the same religion as your ministry?
>   Yes, because that agency is not being inclusive, it is being
> discriminatory. Agencies serving the homeless are supposed to help everyone,
> not just the ones they like.
> >
> >3- What do you think the potential is for a Jonestown or Heaven's Gate
> >scenario playing out in a secretive and dogmatic environment staffed by
> >reactionary leaders like Joy Junction?
>   I think it is a very good potential.
> >
> >4- Do you think gays and lesbians go to heaven when they die, even if they
> >would have to put up with their persecutors from this life?
>    I'm not sure.
> >
> >5- BONUS QUESTION: Charity, or Justice?
>   Both.
> >
> >Please "cc" your survey answers to joyjunction@joyjunction.org
> >reynalds@joyjunction.org  and JReynalds@aol.com
> >
> >peace,
> >
> >chance
> Bonnie
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