[Hpn] apology (re:"Fun Survey")

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:04:24 -0800

My apologies, everyone- 
My email service totally screwed up just now, and left out my answer to the
survey, and just resent the message. Strange!
And yesterday I couldn't log in to it, either.. anyway..those are my problems,
but I'm sorry this hpn list got some unnecessary duplicates there. Hopefully,
this time things will go through correctly.

>OK, let's have a quick fun survey HPN'ers:
>1 - Would you willingly submit to mandatory religious education and
>religious services in exchange for three hots and a cot, or would you rather

>keep your personal dignity and spirituality intact by doing a stint in the

>county jail instead?
(HARMONY): No, I absolutely would NOT submit to mandatory religion education/services.
I am absolutely for the freedom and liberty of each individual, and this includes
the right to be free from religion co-ercion. And, much as I am networking for
the building of more affordable homes/housing, I am also for the right of people
to choose what lifestyle they wish to lead.  Civilizations have a history of
persecuting nomadic individuals and people, and this is absolutely not right
(in my opinion). So I am against mandatory coercion of homeless people into
shelters, and being compelled to live in any kind of way they do not believe

>2- Would it be a hypocritical act to deny services to someone because they

>aren't members of the same religion as your ministry?

(HARMONY): hmmmm...not sure if I would call it "hypocritical"...denying services
to those who want/need them is not compassionate. And, in my book...if I'm not
compassionate, I'm not spiritual, either.

>3- What do you think the potential is for a Jonestown or Heaven's Gate
>scenario playing out in a secretive and dogmatic environment staffed by
>reactionary leaders like Joy Junction?
(HARMONY): As I am not sure what the exact situation is with Joy Junction, I'm
leaving it out (for the moment) of this reply, but I think that history has
repeatedly shown, time and time again, that the potential for abuse, cults and
brainwashing exists. Homeless people have enough stress without the added stress
of being subjected to exploitation from those who would extend "services" to
>4- Do you think gays and lesbians go to heaven when they die, even if they

>would have to put up with their persecutors from this life?
(HARMONY): Gays and lesbians are human beings, each with their own perception
of, and connection to, the life force that made us all. This heterosexual woman
(me) regards them as my fellow brothers and sisters. What counts more than anything
else to me is: are we kind to one another? Do we love one another? If we are
kind to one another, and show love, then we can all have "heaven on earth" right
here and now, never mind when we kick the bucket.

>5- BONUS QUESTION: Charity, or Justice?

(HARMONY): Both, by golly!! And by "Charity" I mean charity in the original
meaning of the word, before it ever became associated with patronization, judgement,
or exploitation. Charity in the sense of one person doing a good turn for another
And "Justice" in the sense of living in a land that hears and represents our
opinions and rights, too...not just those of the "homed".



>Please "cc" your survey answers to joyjunction@joyjunction.org
>reynalds@joyjunction.org  and JReynalds@aol.com
>PS- check out http://joyjunction.org/jjnews/archives.htm but be sure you
>have a barf bag handy!

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