[Hpn] mandatory prayer

CYNTHIA MARVIN cynthiamarvin@hotmail.com
Sat, 30 Sep 2000 11:29:31 EDT

Is it okay to require prayer before feeding people at a shelter or meal 
center? Absolutely not. First, requiring prayer before you allow a hungry or 
homeless person to eat is extortion at best.  It's just as inappropriate if 
the church is funding the food rather than the government, although it's 
only truly unconstitutional when govt funding is involved. Second,it  
doesn't work.  No one is going to have a life-changing encounter with God at 
gunpoint. Third, it's inconsistent with the Christian mandate.  As I recall 
the verse, it's "Feed my sheep", not "feed whichever of my sheep are willing 
to close their eyes and pretend to have a conversation  with me; let the 
other guys starve."
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