[Hpn] Product Promotion Page

Anitra Freeman anitra@speakeasy.org
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 22:59:01 -0700 (PDT)

I created a page awhile back to promote products created by
homeless/formerly homeless people and groups themselves.  I've had some
difficulties with the server but I think I've ironed all the bugs out.  
While the bugs were still running around, however, they ate some of my
research.  So to minimize the amount of time you have to wait for *me*
to update the page, I've added a links page that you can update

So, if you have any products for sale (books, art, t-shirts,
whatever) you can go to http://homelessgifts.bizland/store/page1.html
and post them.

Be sure that you leave enough information that customers can contact
*you*.  You handle the sales, deliver the products, all the proceeds go
to you.  My only purpose for putting up this page is to increase
promotion for you.

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