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REPLY TO Sender:  "Kensington Welfare Rights Union"


The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign et. al vs.
The United States: Last October, in conjunction with the
kick-off of the March of the Americas, the Poor People's
Economic Human Rights Campaign filed a petition before the
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights accusing the US
government of violating economic human rights by enacting
and implementing the Personal Responsibility and Work
Reconciliation Act ("Welfare Deform"). In order to go
forward with that petition we need individual people who
have suffered violations under welfare cut-backs and are
willing to become petitioners. If you are willing to tell
your story in order to bring these violations to light,
please contact us. In particular, we need to show that: 1.
People who have been cut-off because of time-limits are
suffering harm. 2. People who have been denied benefits
because of a prior drug conviction are being doubly punished
and their families are being punished. 3. Women who have or
are suffering from domestic violence are also further harmed
when benefits are cut-off because they cannot name the
"father" of their children or they cannot meet work
requirements due to the violence. 4. Families have been
harmed because they cannot find adequate childcare and
either get sanctioned because they can't meet work
requirements or children are put at risk in inadequate
childcare. 5. Families have been harmed because parents
cannot meet work requirements due to taking care of children
who have health problems or are disabled. 6. Immigrants have
been cut-off due to nothing more than their immigration
status and have suffered harm as a result. 7. People have
been forced to cut-off their education as a result of the
welfare requirements imposed after 1996, which hampers their
ability to become self-sufficient. 8. Grant amounts have
been further reduced causing families extreme hardship. If
your story helps us make any of these points, or you feel
that your story helps us show how economic human rights are
being violated by the changes in the welfare laws, please
e-mail or call Galen Tyler or Cheri Honkala at
kwru@libertynet.org or (215) 203-1945.


Kensington Welfare Rights Union
PO Box 50678
Philadelphia, PA 19132-9720
Phone: 215/203-1945
Fax:   215/203-1950
email: kwru@libertynet.org
web:   http://www.kwru.org

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