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Mass Earth First! Alert: Shays Rides Again/March on Boston for O3!


Many of the same issues of democracy that we are struggling with today in
Massachusetts and the nation were present over 200 years ago when farmers and
townspeople in Central and Western Mass. took part in an insurrection called
Shays' Rebellion (after Capt. Daniel Shays of Pelham, one of the rebellion's
leaders). The wealthy merchants (corporados) of Boston controlled the
political process in the state and taxes were inordinately heavy on those
with lesser means. When the people tried to petition the General Court (state
government) through town meetings and county conventions with their
grievances they were stubbornly ignored. Democracy was truly in crisis.

The Boston elite, having gained independence from the King of England the
decade before, attempted to install their own form of thinly veiled
aristocracy, for the most part, on the backs of the common people. Many of
the Shaysites were veterans of the Continental Army that won independence,
but their service was only rewarded with near worthless certificates. In the
postwar economic depression they saw their family, friends and neighbors
homesteads suffer foreclosures. The prisons began to fill with debtors and
the homeless. When all legal recourse failed and their avenues to the
democratic process blocked, the Shaysites resorted to civil disobedience.

Little democracy then, little democracy now. So, what has changed? There are
no more debtors prisons, but our prisons are filling daily with the
dispossessed and disempowered. We're not in an economic depression (yet), but
the disparity between the rich and the poor has never been greater. The
corporate elite and their cronies have most of the power, the people
have......television and junk from WalMart?

Join us October 3 as Shays' Rebellion returns to life and the people of
Central and Western Massachusetts march on Boston for the first Presidential
Debate to demand MORE DEMOCRACY, LESS DEMOCKERY!  (18th Century attire
required, call or e-mail for details) Call: (413) 253-0851 for further
information, or e-mail the neo-shaysites at: ahearnaa@aol.com. For more
detail on Shays' Rebellion see "Shays Rebellion - The Making of an Agrarian
Insurrection"  UMass Press, or go to: http://www.shaysnet.com/dshays.html


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