[Hpn] It's not an issue as to how good of an emploiee a homeless person can be.

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:07:28 1

 OK folks stop the presses you are all battling straw men when you ask these questions! Change it and you'll see what I mean. Instead ask " What sort of employee would a "homed" person be. No one ever bothers to ask that!  It will never come up! No one asks that question if instead the adjective is " black", "asian",or any of those old issues. The fact is the only way to find out what sort of employee a person is going to be is to hire them. Then and only than from can to can't will you find out!
  I grew up with Time and Newsweek having issues on the issues ( no appy polly loggies for puns, folks) of "race" then gender. "The Black Question", "The Woman Question" -What do blacks want, what do women want. 
  Thought it was obvious- the same thing "we" wanted.( whomever the heck "we" were/are- maybe an important Ques.,maybe no )
  The last job interview I had that the interviewer knew I was homeless asked me that -if as a homeless bum I would make a good employee. Yes she said bum.
At that point I felt I was either being tested or provoked. I said that I had no idea what sort of employer she would be. Got a look for that one. Didn't get job, maybe just as well.

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000 john macpherson wrote:
> The real problem lies in the minds af the supervisors
> and interview. The ansure, is the person going to
> preform, the job well?  My responce is what is on the
> table to be offered?  Is that of reasonable value for
> the output of labor exchange? The homeless often take
> the lesser skilled jobs and get paid as they are
> treated. In return the emploier gets what the emploier
> deserves and than some.  Offer me a job I will take, I
> work for my food. I am homeless. 
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