[Hpn] Re: Presidential Debate ACTION on 10-3 / Boston

Lucinda Houston lucy@efn.org
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 15:02:44 -0700

What is a secret?  I like discussing things.  I couldn't live without
discussing things.  I LIKE hearing other peoples opinions.  I am learning,
and I can't figure out a thing without discussing things and hearing what
other people have to say about it.
You know, I am such a bad girl.  When I first got on line, I learned how to
open a chat room... and of course I opened one (actually two) that were not
exclusively mine to open.
When I first opened the one, some guy whispered me and said "..you must be
powerful.. he he he".  He wanted to know how I did that. Yet he was serious.
So, I told him "Yes, I am powerful.. I can read, and that's how I opened the
Heck, I told everybody how to do everything, open rooms, change names, enter
multiple rooms... maybe it's my fault msn tightened up security, cos I have
such a big mouth (LOL) but it's true!
I like learning, sharing what I learn, opening doors, and uncovering
Nobody told me I was supposed to keep who I voted for, a secret.  (So why
should I?)
P.S. I'm a Leo and true to my nature.  (Curious!)
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From: john macpherson <nyceguy50@yahoo.com>
To: Lucinda Houston <lucy@efn.org>
Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2000 2:01 PM
Subject: Re: [Hpn] Re: Presidential Debate ACTION on 10-3 / Boston

>I think that Perot was the lesser of the evils too
>though you moms opinion is valid.  Why didn't she vote
>Perot?  Why did you not stand behind your beliefs and
>keep your vote a secret? After all that is what a
>secret ballot is about. I am sure you knew her opinion
>before you disclosed it to her.
>--- Lucinda Houston <lucy@efn.org> wrote:
>> Anitra,
>> Last time I voted away from conventional wisdom, my
>> mother chewed me out.  I
>> voted for Perot.  She said MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT and
>> she said something about
>> there being "asses in the masses".
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