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Lucinda Houston lucy@efn.org
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 16:16:54 -0700

Sorry to say, but I ain't never relished pain, I only value it for the
information it gives me.
Though I've had a problem with having an adequate supply of good, nutritious
(life giving) foods around, I haven't necessarily ever been hungry because I
had no access to food.
When I get stressed, I can go without food and the nutritious benefits of
consuming it, because my stomache is in knots and I'd just as soon
regurgitate it (for the way my queezy stomache feels).
I am also NOT out of the danger zone of becoming homeless again.  I am only
trying to RACE to solve it before it consumes you and me.
Love, Lucinda
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In earlier message you stated you were not homeless but was relishing
the feeling so you would forget.
    Try not eating for a day or two and sit in the welfare office all
day hungry. This should bring about some very sacred feelings. Oh! what
a magic feeling.