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Lucinda Houston lucy@efn.org
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 16:03:51 -0700


right on.

     right on.

          right on.
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From: john macpherson <nyceguy50@yahoo.com>
To: Lucinda Houston <lucy@efn.org>
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 2:50 PM
Subject: Re: [Hpn] teaching

>sorry all that i read was the parts that I left that
>is what I was responding too. Please read the inserts.
>--- Lucinda Houston <lucy@efn.org> wrote:
>> P.S.  sin=mistake (or ignorance).
>> I know, I'm constantly being ignorant and am in a
>> state of ignorance, but
>> I'm still a student, I love learning, and I always
>> want to be able to!
>All of mankind that desires to continue the path of
>living are nothing more than students.  When we cease
>to learn we grow old and cease. All of mankind make
>errors. Thus you are young and wise.
>> >Yes, and I know the truth that for a lot of the
>> mentally ill, it is all this hurt, and pain, and
>isolation which drove them into the state they're in,
>and that if we could manage to reverse things,there is
>every possibility that they will heal!  (Not to
>mention that it could be prevented in others in the
>Don't try to heal the ILL are you GOD?
>I must ask YOU what is mental health?
>The truth about mental illness has those factors in it
>because the animal we call Governmental power has the
>money but not the intelligence to listen to "we the
>people" The intelligent ones refuse to mainstream or
>get burned out by trying to mainstream at the mercy of
>the ignorant wealthy government officials. What you
>see as illness is scaring tissue that is generated as
>a natural defense to an invader like an infection. We
>learn in grade school that our body generated
>antibodies, there is a similarity with mental illness.
>People instinctively know what is their best interest.
>"the mentally ILL" need not be told how to destroy the
>self through slavery, pollution, hostile situations,
>or wait for genocide to consume the have not-s. Thus
>the more severely "ill" persons have lost all remote
>needs of the society living in and are reverting to
>instinctive living behavioral patterns rejecting even
>there primary support group mechanisms. To change this
>mistrust is to offer true promise, true compassion,
>true hope, demonstrating how socialization is better.
>This takes a long healing process with natural love
>and the skill of a team of surgeons.
>> >-----Original Message-----
>> >From: john macpherson <nyceguy50@yahoo.com>
>> >To: Lucinda Houston <lucy@efn.org>
>> >Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 12:33 PM
>> >Subject: Re: [Hpn] teaching
>> >
>> >
>> >>Isolationist are often very sick people as it
>> leads to
>> >>several mental disorders, into halucenations and
>> >>suicide. Therefor I guess your interpretation
>> might be
>> >>right.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>--- Lucinda Houston <lucy@efn.org> wrote:
>> >>> One time I read in the bible "beware of the
>> >>> desolation of..." something or other.  But I
>> looked
>> >>> it up trying to find a meaning, and it simply
>> >>> interpreted out to me "beware of leaving people
>> (or
>> >>> a human, or others) alone".  It seems as if it
>> were
>> >>> the greatest of sins, to do.
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