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Lucinda Houston lucy@efn.org
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 13:25:44 -0700

P.S.  sin=mistake (or ignorance).
I know, I'm constantly being ignorant and am in a state of ignorance, but
I'm still a student, I love learning, and I always want to be able to!
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>Yes, and I know the truth that for a lot of the mentally ill, it is all
>hurt, and pain, and isolation which drove them into the state they're in,
>and that if we could manage to reverse things, there is every possibility
>that they will heal!  (Not to mention that it could be prevented in others
>in the future).
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>>Isolationist are often very sick people as it leads to
>>several mental disorders, into halucenations and
>>suicide. Therefor I guess your interpretation might be
>>--- Lucinda Houston <lucy@efn.org> wrote:
>>> One time I read in the bible "beware of the
>>> desolation of..." something or other.  But I looked
>>> it up trying to find a meaning, and it simply
>>> interpreted out to me "beware of leaving people (or
>>> a human, or others) alone".  It seems as if it were
>>> the greatest of sins, to do.
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>>>     From: homey <homey@ids.net>
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>>>     Subject: [Hpn] teaching
>>>     Hi all,
>>>     I have been very busy, but i wanted to respond
>>> to the teaching aspect of winos.
>>>     My camping expeditions started last year after
>>> our local shelters maxed out and could no longer
>>> provide shelter to the homeless (very similar to
>>> unclesams ).  It was not my idea to teach skills to
>>> folks though I did find individuals who were reduced
>>> to life on the edge.  We just got together and
>>> established some guidelines we all lived under.  In
>>> this way we all new what would be expected of each
>>> other.  Of course we had the occassional drunk and
>>> addict that got out of control.  It was tough going
>>> on those occasions, since many of us preferred to
>>> handle it inhouse, which we did by a number of
>>> methods.  Mostly just telling folks listen we love
>>> you, but if you high or drunk your not welcome here,
>>> but the underlying policy was if a drunk or druge
>>> induced person showed up when the weather was cold,
>>> we would provide them with a blanket/sleeping bag
>>> and warm clothes, put them in the drunk tent.  There
>>> they remained for the night, unless they required
>>> medical attention or got unrully, in those cases we
>>> had agreed to call an amubulance since the person
>>> could technically freeze to death outside.
>>>     Most of the time we had no problems.  Only twice
>>> did we use the designated drunk tank (tent).
>>>     It sounds wierd but we just accepted people for
>>> who they were and level they were at.   I guess more
>>> or less the volunteers and organizers like myself
>>> provided examples for others to follow.  Some
>>> followed, helping out emmensely while others did
>>> there own thing.  Others followed out of peer
>>> pressure, "thinking good god that woman can not
>>> possibly fold 40 blankets and lysol them by
>>> herself".  There was one person in particular street
>>> name, Maddog who really got to motivating people to
>>> help out and get moving.
>>>     There was one person in particular who was so
>>> mentally ill he would not sleep with us but slept on
>>> the front stoop of the building next to us.  After
>>> two weeks he finally came over and had dinner with
>>> us one evening.  I considered this a minor miracle.
>>> This person had not had any human contact for some
>>> time.  He actually took a liking to our nativity
>>> scene (which was voted in by those living there),
>>> straightening the plastic statues and picking up the
>>> garbage.
>>>     I think it was a great experience for people who
>>> were basically alone to share strenght, their
>>> stories and meals.
>>>     Catalina
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