[Hpn] There is a difference...

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 02:03:42 -0700


Thanks for reminding me of that statement! I love it! Also, what does it mean
when we "assume" what anyone else has said and don't take the effort to check
back with them on it? There's a kind of arrogance behind it, or indifference
It points to the need for better communications skills. The more I have used
Active-Listening, the more I see its empowering qualities. Ok- so why am I talking
about "active-listening" and "communication skills" on a mailing list for the
For starters, we are communicating to ourselves, the world at large, and powers
that be what our experience has been, and what our needs and wants are.
Also, because so many of us have directly felt the patronizing, condescending
atmosphere that results when active-listening is not used. Also, using Active-Listening
avoids making other people wrong, and helps ensure that the responsibility of
clear communication goes both ways.
All of this leads to an atmosphere of better sharing of resources,  skills and
experience. Not many people I know like trying to participate in an ongoing
discussion when there's a lot of name-calling, snap judgements, cynicism, and
snide remarks. I know I don't.

At any rate, thanks once again for that quote. I put it right up there with
this one: "If I am ok with me, I have no need to make you wrong".


Active-Listening and Communications Skills links

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