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>Penny, I gotta take issue with the Brian Tracy quote. He's talking about
success in business, a limited area of life. In truth, EVERYONE is tuned in
to their favorite radio station: WII-FM "What's In It For Me?" The promise
of some kind of payoff motivates everything we do.
>For a Macroite--or ANYONE for that matter--the payoff is often something as
simple as good karma or the satisfaction one gains by making someone's life
a little better. It feels good. A Macroite possesses the tools to forsee the
payoff, and can take action accordingly.
>In fact, the Tony Dorsett quote directly above the Brian Tracy quote
illustrates my point!
>Quotes are fun, but I'm seeking YOUR definitions of success, not anyone
from Nightingale Conant (I got a good collection of those tape sets going!).
But I'll tuck in a quote just for laughs (my FREQUENT payoff!):
>"Success is never again having to deal with annoying people [who just drain
the life out of you.]" --John Waters (Filmmaker of "Pink Flamingos" and
"Cecil B. De Mented")
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