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>* note ; since my keyboard doesn't have a check mark i'm using the
exclamation point to notate the checks of my successes.
>got out of bed this morning !
>made coffee without blowing up the micro wave !
>thermastat working again so now the heat comes on and goes off like it
should !
>computer working !!
>said my little prayer(meditation or call it what you will) that starts my
day and ends it with good vibes !!! *my little meds.; 'please don't let me
harm anyone today and thank you for all that i receive today'* !!!
>laughed at somebodies joke yesterday, not because it was funny but because
for some reason of their own they needed my approval !
>while reading 'death, be not proud' had an ephinany about cancer cells.
they are living things too and they just want to live out their lives like
everyone else. and here we are attacking them with everything from radiation
to kemo. poor little buggers. !
>just realized that ephinany sounds like something you get after eating too
many beans !
>thinking that success is a very personal thing from the macro perspective
as apposed to the micro perspective of materialistics, as suggested by
trekker and andy, at least for me !
>my personal success is to get to know who i really am and have fun doing it
and not take myself too seriously along the way, cause as the great quote
says 'what you do now won't matter in a hundred years' or even the moment
after !!!
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