[Hpn] Survey homeless people on services & report results tofunders?

Lucinda Houston lucy@efn.org
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 15:23:51 -0700

We need careful articulating on this, bros.
Let's think hard and long on this.
Think "Questions carefully articulated".
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>Tom, are you psychic or what? I just spent the better part of the
>last two days writing and doing the final edit on just such a survey.
>it's still a draft - the numbers need to be tightened up just a bit -
>but it's together enough. let me take one more pas on it and I'll
>format an email version. should be up in about an hour.
>do great minds think alike or what?
>>Where you live, does anyone survey homeless people on the quality of care
>>they get at shelters or other service programs?  If so, do funders get the
>>survey results?
>>If you've stayed at a shelter, would you recommend that shelter to a
>>homeless friend?  Why or why not?
>>A related article follows about a shelter in North Carolina, USA:
>>FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Sep 23, 2000
>>RALEIGH (AP) _ Raleigh city officials say a homeless shelter
>>employee has been fired for selling food to residents, but deny
>>accusations that the shelter was a shambles.
>>City officials wouldn't release a name, but official Hardy
>>Watkins said Friday the man was a shelter monitor. Watkins also
>>said selling food incident was an isolated incident.
>>Three months ago when Wake County took over the homeless shelter
>>from the city, county officials said they also found filthy floors
>>and a policy of charging for beds.
>>Other people working at the shelter said they saw a city
>>employee selling packets of noodle soup from a table near the front
>>``He was like the food guy and he was really proud of it too,''
>>said Kay Wiles, a county shelter director.
>>The transactions took place several evenings before the county
>>took over the shelter when Wiles observed the city's operation with
>>personnel from Urban Ministries, which operates the shelter for the
>>Watkins said he knew nothing about soup being sold by an
>>employee, but two shelter residents told The News & Observer of
>>Raleigh it had happened.
>>Urban Ministries also suspects that food donated by churches was
>>sold to residents, based on questions from residents after the
>>``For the first three weeks or so I served dinner every night
>>and I was asked several times, `How much is that?,''' said Susie
>>Mallard of Urban Ministries.
>>Watkins said he never heard from shelter residents that food was
>>being sold, but said he wouldn't necessarily believe them if he
>>When Wake assumed control June 28, the place was also in
>>shambles, said county and Urban Ministry officials.
>>The inside of the two buildings on South Wilmington Street was
>>``appalling,'' Urban Ministries Director Anne Burke wrote to city
>>Three of six toilets for several hundred males were stopped up
>>and mice, rats and roaches scurried around piles of trash on the
>>floor, Burke said.
>>City Manager Dempsey Benton said the shelter wasn't filthy. He
>>said the city's philosophy was to charge for beds and if they had
>>no money they slept on a mat on the floor.
>>On Monday, county commissioners approved $3.6 million in
>>construction contracts for renovation of the shelter. Wake intends
>>to spend $5.2 million on building improvements, of which Raleigh
>>will pay $1.9 million.
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