[Hpn] Survey homeless people on services & report results tofunders?

Lucinda Houston lucy@efn.org
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 15:20:56 -0700

Yes!  That would be a good idea!  In fact, I am thinking that in Eugene
there is a board of directors who over see all the facilities related to
homelessness... I believe.  I also remember that when a lady who was on that
board tried to help me out (when a shelter KICKED OUT my 13 year old
daughter for talking bad (it was horrible.. she had to completely face the
streets.. they told me if I didn't like it, that I, and my two very young
ones could go too).. when she tried to help me out they just abused and
insulted her.  She asked them "are you in the habit of kicking out
children?"  She was powerless, board member or no.
Not only a survey, but a private, SEALED survey.  (Don't want anyone
suffering abuses for speaking, they might not speak their minds if they
thought there were.. reprocussions.. after all, these guys are surviving,
and it's hard enough).
What kind of good questions should be on a survey?
Who should conduct it?
How should it be tallied and presented, and to whom?
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>Tom, are you psychic or what? I just spent the better part of the
>last two days writing and doing the final edit on just such a survey.
>it's still a draft - the numbers need to be tightened up just a bit -
>but it's together enough. let me take one more pas on it and I'll
>format an email version. should be up in about an hour.
>do great minds think alike or what?
>>Where you live, does anyone survey homeless people on the quality of care
>>they get at shelters or other service programs?  If so, do funders get the
>>survey results?
>>If you've stayed at a shelter, would you recommend that shelter to a
>>homeless friend?  Why or why not?
>>A related article follows about a shelter in North Carolina, USA:
>>FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Sep 23, 2000
>>RALEIGH (AP) _ Raleigh city officials say a homeless shelter
>>employee has been fired for selling food to residents, but deny
>>accusations that the shelter was a shambles.
>>City officials wouldn't release a name, but official Hardy
>>Watkins said Friday the man was a shelter monitor. Watkins also
>>said selling food incident was an isolated incident.
>>Three months ago when Wake County took over the homeless shelter
>>from the city, county officials said they also found filthy floors
>>and a policy of charging for beds.
>>Other people working at the shelter said they saw a city
>>employee selling packets of noodle soup from a table near the front
>>``He was like the food guy and he was really proud of it too,''
>>said Kay Wiles, a county shelter director.
>>The transactions took place several evenings before the county
>>took over the shelter when Wiles observed the city's operation with
>>personnel from Urban Ministries, which operates the shelter for the
>>Watkins said he knew nothing about soup being sold by an
>>employee, but two shelter residents told The News & Observer of
>>Raleigh it had happened.
>>Urban Ministries also suspects that food donated by churches was
>>sold to residents, based on questions from residents after the
>>``For the first three weeks or so I served dinner every night
>>and I was asked several times, `How much is that?,''' said Susie
>>Mallard of Urban Ministries.
>>Watkins said he never heard from shelter residents that food was
>>being sold, but said he wouldn't necessarily believe them if he
>>When Wake assumed control June 28, the place was also in
>>shambles, said county and Urban Ministry officials.
>>The inside of the two buildings on South Wilmington Street was
>>``appalling,'' Urban Ministries Director Anne Burke wrote to city
>>Three of six toilets for several hundred males were stopped up
>>and mice, rats and roaches scurried around piles of trash on the
>>floor, Burke said.
>>City Manager Dempsey Benton said the shelter wasn't filthy. He
>>said the city's philosophy was to charge for beds and if they had
>>no money they slept on a mat on the floor.
>>On Monday, county commissioners approved $3.6 million in
>>construction contracts for renovation of the shelter. Wake intends
>>to spend $5.2 million on building improvements, of which Raleigh
>>will pay $1.9 million.
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