[Hpn] small world...

Coalition on Homelessness, SF coh@sfo.com
Sun, 24 Sep 2000 13:29:41 -0700

exactly. however, our attorney got arrested because the SFPD was 
illegally barring him and other lawyer's guild members from seeing 
their clients. they were actually barring lawyers from entering a 
courthouse, which is a total abuse of more laws than I care to cite.

the larger strategy is to compel SFPD to settle the many lawsuits 
resulting from their buffoonery out of SFPD's operating budget, 
instead of the city's general fund.

by the way, I am strongly identified with an organized "we," and when 
I say "we" I know exactly who I mean. I can only assume that your 
case is the same, otherwise you'd just be talkin' shit.

as for those ridiculous '60s activists and organizers, I guess we had 
to be pretty crazy to think we could educate the public and compel 
the government to end a war. who knew we'd rise above our misguided 
efforts and actually be successful?

thanks for your input. now go find someone who might take you seriously.



>Being arrested is very nice for media, but really a very wasteful, stupid
>action that only causes money to be spent where it could best be spent
>elsewhere and bad publicity. As long as we appear to be the kind of
>"radicals" the sixties was noted for, we will NEVER be taken seriously.

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