[Hpn] small world...

Coalition on Homelessness, SF coh@sfo.com
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 12:30:17 -0700

hey Tom -

thought you might like to know that among the many beautiful people 
crashing on our office floor is a couple from central Mass. - Jackie 
and David. When I asked them if they knew anyone from Cambridge - 
especially one certain Tom Boland - they said: "oh, you mean 
Harmonica Tom? We met him at a gathering. He does this homeless 
people's email list..."


I gotta get back to work - or not only will the revolution not be 
televised, but it won't be in the STREET SHEET either.

Miss ya bra.



ps - Adam, our staff attorney, had his first arrest for civil 
disobedience yesterday. We're all very proud of him. Learn more at 
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