[Hpn] Hey.. no fair (Blame the computah. I'm just a hippie.:)

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 01:39:00 -0700 (PDT)

"Lucinda Houston" <lucy@efn.org> wrote:
>     OK.. maybe I should have just clicked on date,  to get conversation
>by date.

Lucinda, if you return to a particular month's HPN Archives after having
visited before sometime during that particular month, you probably have to
click "Reload" or "Refresh" (probably in the top line of your Internet
Browser Window).  Then you will get any posts that were posted to HPN since
the date you first visited that particular month's Archives.

>I don't really know what a thread is,  anyway.

When someone posts, and others reply, that cluster of posts is a "thread".
The HPN software is supposed to put them all together (if noone has changed
the Subject line).

But sometimes the computah don' woik like it's suppos ta, and coughs.
(Don't blame me.  I'm just a hippie.:)

>But still, I have some  missing entries,

I'm not sure why.  I haven't seen any sign that a post of yours "had
problems making the list", in computerese, "bounced".  I coulda missed
sumpin', tho.

>and Harmony's story is under my name.

Her _email_ on the planned news article came to me under her address
(correctly).  But you are right that the _Archives_ put your name and
address at the top of her post (although it's clearly signed by Harmony at
the bottom).  I don't know why, or how to fix it; shall I write to Sandy,
HPN's technical whiz, to see if she can fix the accidental name switch?

The Mailman software which "serves" HPN does things I can't begin to figure
out.  I am far more comfortaable in a Rainbow tee-pee than trying to sort
out computers.  (Actually, I want a tee-pee with an Internet hookup to a
computer which reads my mind and just DOES IT RIGHT, first time, every

Anyway, Lucinda, despite these "glitches" (computer problems), we shall
Carry On for a better world, or at least have some fun chatting online. --
Listslave Tom

>     -----Original Message-----
>From:      Lucinda Houston <lucy@efn.org>
>To: hpn@lists.is.asu.edu <hpn@lists.is.asu.edu>
>Date:      Friday, September 22, 2000 10:55 PM
>Subject: [Hpn] Hey.. no      fair
>     I just looked in the archives, first by      thread, and then by
>author, and I couldn't find some of my messages and      responses to the
>Catholic New Times.  I found Harmony and Tom's      interview Q's & A's
>(with my name tagged on), but not my missing      entries.  And they
>weren't in order by date, in thread, which I would      have kind of liked
>them to be.     Sorry Tom, miss gripe, gripe,      gripe.     I looked in
>year 2000 archives.     I know you would if you could if you only      had
>the time and way, etc. :)

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