[Hpn] Somebody give me an axe...

Coalition on Homelessness, SF coh@sfo.com
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 18:32:19 -0700

a Green Anarchist friend of mine gave me a t-shirt (black, 
naturally). it has a picture of a computer that's been smashed into 
two pieces with a stone axe. the caption: Appropriate Use of 

I thought you might appreciate that.



>I'm beginning to.. get frustrated with computers.  Now, I have to 
>figure out, again, how to get my real name on the senders portion of 
>my email.
>Yes... I know it was me who made the mistake in the first place, 
>redoing the input after AGAIN recovering, because my stupid printer 
>and scanner are totally out of whack... and I'm almost positive that 
>it was me doing something wrong (out of total ignorance) that made 
>them (likely) go out of whack in the first place, but...
>Oh, well... thanks for listening to my frustrations. (Not that you 
>had any choice, cos I happen to be broadcasting it Lol)
>LOL=Lot's of laughter (technically), or just "laughter", in net 
>chat.  (Incase you are unfamiliar with the term, anyone).
>Bleach blonde (going darker these days) computer IDIOT.
>I'm still learnin...

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