[Hpn] JOURNALIST SEEKS INTERVIEWS about Homeless People's Network ASAP

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 15:46:39 -0700 (PDT)

HPN article in Catholic New Times coming!  Reporter seeks interviews ASAP!

CIRCULATE NOW please to people who read HPN Archives or posts:

CC REPLIES TO: "Ms. Sabitri Ghosh of Catholic New Times" <cnt@total.net>
PHONE 416-361-0761 {Toronto}.  Contact her soon please, because her
DEADLINE is this Friday (tomorrow), September 22nd!

Could you help a journalist quickly answer questions for an article about
Homeless People's Network [HPN] discussion list online?

Catholic New Times is an "Independent Catholic newspaper focusing on
social justice, lay-involvement and ecumenism".  A CNT reporter wrote me:

FWD  [Note that NASNA = North American Street Newspaper Association]

From: Catholic New Times <cnt@total.net>
Subject: article on HPN

Dear Tom [Boland, HPN listworker]:

I met you last summer at the NASNA conference in Edmonton. I was hoping to
nab you for an interview then, but I wasn't able to locate you during the
last day of the conference.
	At any rate, I've spoken to my editor about the Homeless People's
Network and am now hoping to write an article about it. So, I'd be most
grateful if you'd kindly answer the following questions to begin with, and
I met ask you some more during the course of my research.

1) When did the Homeless People's Network start and what is the story
behind it?
2) How did you see the Internet as a potential tool for homeless people?
3) What function do you think the HPN serves for its subscribers? What
about non-subscribers who view the postings: do you have any sense of what
they're getting out of it?
4) Had you any hopes of being able to mobilize concerted political action
on homeless issues and have you yet?
5) Do you know for sure that the subscribers are/were homeless?

I will also wondering if you knew of any subscribers who post regularly who
might be willing to discuss how the use the site via e-mail -- if so, could
you pass along their names and addresses?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,
Ms. Sabitri Ghosh
Catholic New Times	Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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