[Hpn] Digital Dividing

Stephen Twig Meeks s_meeks99@yahoo.com
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 09:03:15 -0700 (PDT)


That is the first instance I have heard that people
cannot use public computers to access e-mail.
Especially for a dis-abled person (Did you know that
the mouse was originaly designed so people without
full use of hands could use a computer?)
 This sounds like a flagrant violation of our First
Amendment rights (freedom of speech/expression).
In this "brave new" digital world we live in, the
exchange of e-mail is in the forefront of exchanging
ideas and information, and in this virtual world, (as
this list is but one example); the right to peacefully
 From the story that you are relating, this library is
definitely in gross violation of our basic rights. The
public library system was instituted so the general
public may have access to information via
books/magazines etc. and now through the internet.
And any hampering of this basic mission should result
in a public action against the library. Best course of
action is to document other similar grievances, and
then petition the City, also circulating through the
local Congressional Rep for that region.

Peace and Solidarity;

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