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Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign [PPEHRC]:
Globalization Reality Tour in Philadelphia


SAVE THE DATE: September 26, 2000

WHAT: September 26th is the meeting of the International
Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Prague. We, the poor and
homeless families of the Kensington Wefare Rights Union and
members of Penn Students Against Sweatshops have joined
together to protest abuses imposed by the IMF and the World
Bank both in our own communities and all over the world.  We
will be conducting a bus tour around North Philadelphia,
Center City, and University City to show the effects of the
global economy on our city, including de-industrialization,
welfare reform, lower wages and decreased job security.  We
invite you to ride the bus to hear testimonies of those
whose lives have been negatively affected by the so-called
“economic boom.”

WHY:	The IMF and World Bank, while claiming to address
poverty and severe debt in developing countries around the
world, have gained worldwide criticism for policies that
exacerbate those problems.   Countries are forced to cut
spending in areas such as education, healthcare, housing,
and other critical social programs.  Also, countries are
required to liberalize their trade laws, which opens the
door to multinational corporations exploiting their labor
and environmental resources.  This has put additional
downward pressure on wages, working standards and
environmental laws around the world, including in the United
States. This has contributed to unprecedented polarization
between the rich and the poor, cuts in welfare and health
care, and declining union membership. On this day we will be
joining poor people, unions, religious groups, students, and
activists from around the world who have decided to join
together in this fight for economic justice.

WHEN & WHERE:  Buses will be leaving at 11:00am from the
Liberty Bell in Center City.  Highlights of the trip will be
one of the few remaining hospitals in Kensington (Episcopal
Hospital), a sweatshop, the Empowerment Zone, University of
Pennsylvania, and a local factory whose jobs are rapidly
disappearing to factories in other countries.

To reserve your spot on the tour please call or email our
office: (215) 203-1945 or kwru@libertynet.org


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