[Hpn] Re: TO REPLY TO HPN LIST (not just message sender) - SAVE INFO PLEASE

Lucinda Houston lucy@efn.org
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 04:33:52 -0700

Well, let's see if this works.. just the "to line", huh?
I use an hp computer, at home, internet explorer (browser), and outlook
express is my default mail box.  No, I improvised a subject line when
responding to uncle scam, to make it look like and be recognized as a reply,
and had scrolled up to the "welcome to hpn!" message/mail to click for
sending that.  I think I might have it now, though.  I'll just send it off
and we'll see.
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From: Tom Boland <wgcp@earthlink.net>
To: Lucinda Houston <lucy@efn.org>
Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2000 3:54 AM
Subject: TO REPLY TO HPN LIST (not just message sender) - SAVE INFO PLEASE

>Subject: TO REPLY TO HPN LIST (not just message sender) - SAVE INFO PLEASE
>TO REPLY TO HPN LIST (all list members &
>not just the person to whom you reply),
>CHANGE YOUR TO-LINE To: <hpn@lists.is.asu.edu>>
>To post (or reply) to all HPN list members,
>ALWAYS set your TO-address
>To: <hpn@lists.is.asu.edu>>
>When you reply to HPN messages _without_ changing the TO-line,
>your post goes _only_ to the person to whom you reply.
>You wrote:
>>I still did not get the idea of exactly how to reply, or set the  hpn
>>address >into a response.. in fact, each time I do this, I have to scroll
>>up  to welcome >to hpn! and click on the link.  I can't even get it into
>>my  address book.
>Lucinda, maybe I can help.  Your answers to my questions below might help
>me to advise you.
>Your reply to unclescam did go to the whole HPN list.  Good!  So I assume
>you did it "correctly', that is, you typed (or patched) HPN list's email
>address <hpn@lists.is.asu.edu> into the "To: header" at the top of your
>email reply, before "sending" your email reply.
>Are you using a computer at home?
>Or perhaps using a "public access" computer, such as at a library?
>What make and model of computer do you use?
>What "browser" do you use to go on the Internet?  Microsoft?  Netscape?
>Do you read your mail "Online" (ON the Internet, by way of your Internet
>browser "program", such as Microsoft or Netscape)?
>Or do you read email on an email program "OFF of the Internet", which does
>not require you to go on the Internet.
>I'd guess you're right that you're probably best helped by someone who can
>sit beside you, and advise you while you use your computer.
>Stay with us, my friend.  We'll figure out this tech stuff, however long it
>takes. -- Tom
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