[Hpn] Seattle Tent City, home for 100,seeks permit to stay put FWD

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 17:24:42 -0400

after years of listening to the older vagabonds/knights of the road and
watching the gypsies. i learned
 i think an education is the only way to solve these problems. we have
the means and
facilities to help educate those close to being houseless on how to
survive. outreach amongst the
poor has too often been ideology and politic instead of practical. we
started to discuss squatting
but never got to figgering how to disseminate the information.. likewise
camping.  to teach
the newcomers how, would alleviate some of the stress of unknowing.
   i feel in my heart that a boycott of shelters is needed. never having
been in one it's easy for me to say.
   we have sros, they are in the apartments that used to rent to one
person and are now lived in by
more, splitting the rent by room. i n my lady was in one for 600, they
raised the rent 1000 and now 6 people live there.
 rent by the room is rampant.

Stephen Twig Meeks wrote:

> So, besides personal camps (which I personaly
> favor...no more than three in a camp) however I camp
> alone, what other viable solutions to the lack of
> shelter or SRO housing?
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