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Should it be legal to live in boats which can't move on their own power?
If "water squatting" were banned, who would lose?  Who could benefit?

This type of a law would KILL us here in Louisiana!  We have hundreds of folks living in "House Boats" that have no
motors, they are pole driven or pulled from a car/truck along the bank or they are "paddeled."  We too have a
number of people that have found it less expensive to live on the water and moved to a couple of local marina's
"until times get better" for them.


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FWD  Associated Press - Sunday September 17 3:29 PM ET - CA USA


     By DARA AKIKO WILLIAMS, Associated Press Writer

SAN DIEGO (AP) - A small community of people living on
weather-beaten sailboats and barges in San Diego Bay have learned
to roll with the wakes of passing ships.

It's a small price to pay for a peaceful life on the water where
they can drop anchor for free - and because many of them have
nowhere else to go.

But now the occupants of the ragtag fleet face Port District
restrictions going into effect this month that they fear could push
them onto land or into homelessness.