[Hpn] Seattle Tent City, home for 100,seeks permit to stay put FWD

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 18:13:08 -0400

   as a preachers kid,  with a father often  "let go" , by his churches
for bringing in
the poor and disenfranchised i have seen that a church usually has a
group of mid level folks
and two or three rich patrons. when the preacher calls for outreach into
the poor community
all hell breaks loose, and he soon finds his hat handed at the door. 500
churches means 1000
rich folks with 500 personal mauseleums and 500 preachers tryin to keep
the rich folk happy.
ask em about the new roof ok. ask em to feed n shelter poor folks and be
lookin for a new parrish.
  we moved often, and it only stopped when he founded his own church,
bought his own building
and started god's own shelter in the basement in Hingam Mass.
  now i allow for the exception but i would bet you'd be lucky to get
ten of your 500 mauseleums
to accept really poor folks in to live. poor folks lives are just too

  as to tent cities, packin many folks together with the unsanitary
conditions of  rough livin
is worse than each havin an individual campsite. shit collects and
sickens. i've got video of a 1986 tent
city in cambridge mass (the site of a huge M.I.T. developement now. we
lost.) and i remember i
wouldn't let my kids roam the site for the dirt.

Stephen Twig Meeks wrote:

> hmmmm.......
> This is a good idea a tent city.
> If in a City such as Austin, where there is an
> estimated 6000 homeless (however only approx 3200
> using services), and with the number of churches here
> in Austin(over 500?), each congregation could "adopt"
> homeless families and individuals to help them achieve
> self sufficiency, as well as maintaining small
> shelters etc.
> Any thoughts on this?
> Peace and Solidarity;
> Twig
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