[Hpn] Seattle Tent City, home for 100, seeks permit to stay put FWD

Stephen Twig Meeks s_meeks99@yahoo.com
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 12:57:22 -0700 (PDT)

This is a good idea a tent city. Would something like
this work in other cities? Austin would be a good
candidate. What are thoughts on this? Would this be a
viable choice in Austin to let the private sector know
that yes there are homeless people who the services do
not help except for a band aid approach and also the
fact there is little affordable housing and virtually
no shelter space in Austin. At least it may get the
Faith Community together to offer year round shelter 
and help for houseless/homeless individuals.
This would alleviate alot of the pressure off the city
services that exist as well as decreasing the burden
on tax paying citizens..
For if the private sector is involved, they will be
helping due to the goodness of the heart, and not
relying on a paycheck due to homelessness.
In other posts I have pointed this out as a basic flaw
in the service provider system. The people who run
these agencies depend on the numbers to keep their
programs going and if they lose numbers (ie; homeless
achieving employment/housing becoming self-sufficient)
which is supposed to be a basic mission statement of
these agencies.
If in a City such as Austin, where there is an
estimated 6000 homeless (however only approx 3200
using services), and with the number of churches here
in Austin(over 500?), each congregation could "adopt"
homeless families and individuals to help them achieve
self sufficiency, as well as maintaining small
shelters etc.
Any thoughts on this?
Peace and Solidarity;

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