[Hpn] Can Anyone Help????

Preach-Ur Ash preachur@CrUsThAvEn.every1.net
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 13:11:39 -0700 (PDT)

Looking for Homeless Husband  
      E-mail mailto:crusty7disorder@aol.com

Hey, I need help looking for my husband Erik. He's from Spokane, but travels 
from WA to Portland to San Fran on a regular basis. I need to let him know 
that his daughter (3 years old) and I were in a fatal car accident. We are 
ok NOW, (after not being able to walk for 9 months and having a 3 yr old 
see the shattered bodies of our friends) but I was left with partial disability 
in the left leg. Anyways, I also wanted to tell him that I've had to move.. 
I'm now in Albuquerque.. If ANYONE knows ANYONE that sounds familiar to 
this, please tell him that his baby is asking where her daddy is.. Thanks 

2000-09-14 20:45:12 ( 

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