[Hpn] school for the homeless

Stephen Twig Meeks s_meeks99@yahoo.com
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 08:12:23 -0700 (PDT)

I think that this school for homeless children is a
wonderful idea, and should be used as a model in other

The way you desribe this school, it is neither
discriminatory, nor is it segregative(?). 
Actually, in most "integrated" public schools, just
the opposite is true. Because homeless children are at
the "bottom of the pecking order", in most public
schools, because of their economic/social status, they
are more likely to suffer the ridicule and teasing
from other children in the public school system than
those that are housed. 

Also, as most homeless families are transient in the
sense that they will move from place to place in even
the same city, the children will be moved from school
to school disrupting the flow of learning...

This school for homeless children sounds like a
definite solution rather than a "band-aid" approach to
help these children achieve a quality and consistent

Keep up the good work!!!!!

Peace and Solidarity;


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