[Hpn] STOP EVICTION of Kalenderpanden SQUAT / Amsterdam DEMO 9-30 & 10-1 / FWD FWD

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 04:01:21 -0700 (PDT)

FWD  (12.09.00) pamflet written by the squatters of the
     Kalenderpanden/entrepotdok in Amsterdam


Eviction possible from 3rd October

WEEKEND OF ACTION: Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October

DEMONSTRATION: Sunday 1st October, 2pm, Dam Square, Amsterdam

Luxury apartments in the "Kalenderpanden", whatever next?! In these
squatted warehouses in Amsterdam you can find concerts, performances, food,
an infocafe and giveaway shop, information evenings, parties and many other
activities - something happening almost every day. But if the city council
get their way, in the very near future there will be, instead of all these
cultural activities, 47 luxury apartments with private parking spaces...

From 3rd October, the current users of the Kalenderpanden can be evicted by
the police. We refuse to leave because Kalenderpanden is not only a
non-commercial venue, but also a protest against the direction Amsterdam is
developing in.

The form of the 'new Amsterdam' is becoming clearer and clearer: a city
where the centre is affordable only for the rich, with lower-income people,
immigrants and students pushed out to deprived neighbourhoods. People
living in houseboats, artists and other non-conformists are dumped out in
industrial areas.

All this to make space for the rising population of bourgoise hard-working
yuppies. Their streets are kept clean by city guards, chewing-gum cleaners
and other underpaid workers - all to present an appealing investment
climate for big companies like Albert Heijn, Heineken and McDonalds. The
middle-class consumer lifestyle is selling itself well! Never before has
Amsterdam been so boring and never before has the city reaped so many
hundreds of millions of guilders in profit and rising property prices.

And as if all this isn't enough, they now want to build millionaires'
apartments in the Kalenderpanden, because they say there is a 'need' for
ludicrously expensive living spaces. Who came up with that? What sick mind
thinks seriously that a rich citizen is some kind of "ubermensch" that can
solve all the problems of our city?

The Kalenderpanden has had an important public function for the last 4
years: everything has deliberately been made affordable for everybody, and
initiatives that haven't yet really 'made it', or maybe never will, are all
given a place. This is how it must stay. Over the last few years there has
been an endless list of squats evicted in Amsterdam. This must end.

The owner of the Kalenderpanden is the city of Amsterdam. They have the
choice how it is used. Choosing to evict is therefore a political choice: a
choice for high incomes, privatisation, polarisation and stamping down on


Kalenderpanden Entrepotdok 93-98 1018 AD Amsterdam tel. 0031-(0)20 4206645
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