[Hpn] Homeless and Catholic Church - Sheesh!

George M Weinert V georgemvw69@hotmail.com
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 12:33:39 CDT

HI, well it's kinds moot right now =- St. Philomena Parish called the POLICE 
on me just now for the grave crime of sitting on the stairs just outside of 
our Chapel of the Rosary - I was told this morning "You can NO LONGER ENTER 
THERE or you will be arrested." - I DID NOT ENTER but sat on the stairs in 
order to Say a Rosary NEAR the Blessed Sacrament.
As mentioned, I am HOMELESS and maintain our St. Philomena WEB Site at
http://home.CaholicWeb.com/stphils out of love for GOd and our parish 
(though I was told by the same rectory secretary, Norma Rivera) "You're not 
doing ANYTHING FOR US!!") - but don't really see much of a reason to 
continue under these circumstances - as mentioned, NO ONE (even thoso with 
computer in a position to do so) has offered ANY HELP AT ALL - save for a 
few snide remarks from Fr. Ted Hebden about 'content' - however, when I have 
asked ANYONE THERE TO HELP ME or give me materials with which to do some of 
the work for our church, they are TOO BUSY - but not TOO BUSY to call the 
Chicago POLICE on a life long parishioner for praying the Rosary in the rain 
to be close to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
Anyway, I tried to tell Norma Rivera about Mathew Chp. 5 and the Sermon on 
the Mount, but she was TOO BUSY CALLING THE COPS ON ME.
If you approve of this conduct, PLEASE Call our Rectory at:
773-489-1100 and congratulate them - I'll be RIGHT BACK THERE THIS AFTERNOON 
- on the stairs with my Rosary to be close to the Blessed Sacrament - so if 
they're gonna call the COPS they're just going to HAVE TO KEEP DOING IT - 
I've been attending that church for 49 years and my family has been very 
active there for 90 years and I'll be DAMNED if some liars ahd hypocrates 
are going to force me out of there, which is their next step if this is NOT 
So the THANKS I GET for putting together their WEBSITE and attending Daily 
Mass and staying CLOSE TO GOD is to HAVE THE POLICE CALLED ON ME!  Praise 
the Lord!!
Anyway, here is the story:
Ok, here we go again! Now, if I have been corresponding with you in the 
past, or am currently getting in touch with you there a few things that must 
be said - I've been in a bad financial situation recently and am once again 
amongst the homeless - details follow.
>HI, can somebody out there help me?!?!? I am currently
>(temporarily) homeless, quite lterally sleeping in an
>abandoned garage with my cats (7 of them) and surving
>on food stamps (which ran out until the 26th of this
>month) and food pantries. I have over 18 years CS
>experience (see my resume at
>- a Masters in Music Composition, a Bachelors in Music
>Composition, 2/3rds of a Masters in Computer Science -
>but with the exception of a few small contracts here
>and there have been fundamentally unemployed for about a
>year - in that time, lost the home I lived in for 47
>years, have been living in shelters and "Christian"
>recovery homes for the last year and a half and
>surviving in the afore-mentioned manner. Yes, I have
>contacted all the necessay agencies, to no avail - and
>I still wind up sleeping in an abdandoned garage!
>sheesh, this is absurd!!!
>We are in booming economy, I have qualifications up
>the kazoo, and here this happens.
>Now, folks - I need shelter, and simply a chance to
>get on my feet - and a few weeks to get a  decent job
>and get situtation. I have small needs, but do have
>three adults cats and a two kittens to consider.
>I do not drink have been a member of AA for 15 years,
>and chaired hundreds of meetings - never did drugs.
>Am Cathlice, attend mass daily and recieve communion
>every morning, and say five rosaries a day as well.
I also maintain our Church Web Site at
as a volunteer for our Parish.
>God Has a reason for this, but I'm kinda getting to
>feel like Job now!
>Is there ANYONE out there in cybyberland that can
>May Almighty God Bless and Keep You, George
>please respond to:
>So it is time for truth
>or consequences, so to speak. I have been an
>indenpendtnt consutant for 12 years, and about 5 years
>ago ran into a very bad financial deal, which forced
>me to take out a home equity loan on my home - I two
>years later ran into another financial disaster and
>thsu wa uneable to pay off the loan. Two years ago in
>Oct. I lost my home and became homeless - well, for
>the last year and  a half I have been variously living
>in shelters, "Christian" recovery homes and abandoned
>garages. Sounds wild, but for a sinlgle male there are
>NO comprehenvive sources of help available. Anyway, if
>you have an 800 number, please let me know - when your
>only income is food stampes (and an ocassional short
>term contract that does not provide much) spare change
>for phone calls is difficult to come by - so let me
>know - of if you will accept a coolect call that will
>do also.
>Now, I have once again been forced to stay in an
>abandoned garage and am also caring for an epilectic
>friend who has special needs (another homeless woman)
>- so if communications are kinda messed up, please
>forgive me.
>Anyway, let me know - I would love to find a way out
>of the mess I have found myself in for almost two
>years and in this economy, with my experience there
>MUST be a way to get something line up.
So, if you've got a JOB let me know - anywhere, anytime is just fine with me 
- but it looks like it's back to the church and the abandoned garage for a 
while, so if you've got a Web Developer, WebMaster, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL 
Server or MS Access gig DO let me know post haste.
I started on the Internet back in 1980, long before anyone ever heard of it 
at all - they called it Arpanet back then (see an Internet History book or 
text file) and have been a SYSOP/Webmaster for 15 years as well as a Data 
Base Developer for 20 years - see my resume for full details.
>May God Bless and Keep You,
>George V
So, May Almighty God Bless and Keep You,
George V
ps - it looks like my time with St. Philomana's web site is about over now, 
since I really don't plan on donig all this work for folks that are gonna 
turn around and have me arrested for saying a Rosary -
RE your links pages at AOC's web site - there are quite a few that have to 
be update and made current - if you would like, I'll be happy to make the 
corrections (that is find the proper url's) and sent them to you - all your 
webmaster will have to do is cut and paste and your linke shall be updated 
for the entire Archdiocese of Chicago.
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