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forrest curo forest@cts.com
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 22:47:00

>Does the food available at soup kitchens where you live provide a healthy
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>Friday, September 8th, 2000
>San Francisco EXAMINER Newspaper - Editorial Page A-19

	It should be added that nitrates become highly carcenogenic when they
react with stomach acids to form nitrosamines.
	I have read that in the presence of ascorbic acid this reaction doesn't
happen (Perhaps the vitamin C acts as a catalyst running the reaction in
the other direction?)
	Other evidence came from a study of children with (if I remember right)
stomach cancer. There was a strong corelation with eating hot dogs & other
lunch meats frequently. Among those in the control group who ate a lot of
lunch meats (but didn't develop cancer) the difference seemed to be that
their sandwiches contained lettuce or pickles or other raw veggies. (The
experimenters had not read the vitamin book I had, because they evidently
didn't have a CLUE why this was so.)
	Another concern is the vulnerability to various so-called prion diseases
(mad cow or scrapie variations) of American meat eaters, since the
practices that increase the frequency of such contamination (bone meal,
other meat byproducts fed to meat animals) are still widespread. (I have
been told, and think it's true, that kosher regulations forbid such
practices, so kosher meats should be free from this.)
	Homeless people (& others suffering malnourishment) have a STRONG craving
for meat, and often doubt that they can get adequate protein without it.
(This is untrue, but THEY would have to be convinced.)
	Alcoholics, who often could care less about eating while alcohol is
available, have a great need for protein (& other vitamins) agravated by
damage to the digestive organs they need to adsorb it properly. (One GREAT
thing about Food Not Bombs meals is that FNB seems to have learned to make
toad food palatable WITHOUT needing to kill the taste with lots of nice,
greasy pork!) But there is the question of vitamin B-12, which is also hard
for them to adsorb and I think hard to find in veggie foods. (Deficiency
may be the cause of that craving?)
	What is often AVAILABLE to food service groups (not FNB, even if they'd
have it?) is surplus govment meat. Sometimes unused-but-NOT-rotting food
from overbooked catering events. And the customers love it. Nuts would be a
good replacement except that they DON'T seem to be available for less than
mucho bucks.

Forrest Curo
(former chili line person)