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There's also a thing called squatter's rights....also if you befriend a real-estate agent, they can call the county and find out who owns empty buildings...and if the taxes are delinquent. Sometimes you can get these places just by paying the taxes owed.

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> wrote:
>I am not shure about in other places - but at least in the UK and Germany
>here - there
>are legal measures to force the owners of empty residential structures to use
>or rent them.
>If left for too long in the UK for instance - (at least when I was serving as
>an offical
>at the City Housing Office in Truro, Cornwall - in s.w. England - if the place
>was left empty
>for more than so many years - the owner got a formal warning and then if no
>useage or rental in
>a certain number of months - the county was empowered to sell the property by
>auction to whoever
>guaranteed that it would be used/let and offered the best price.  A fee was
>taken - and the person had
>to pay fines - and then get the rest of the cash etc.
>I can`t remember all the details of the procedure now - but I would think most
>European nations have this
>legislation - perhaps comming out of the fact that this part of the world is
>densly populated and
>space itself is at a premium.
>ron b.
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>>Subject: Idea: a tax on empty buildings
>>One of my formerly homeless colleagues came up with a brilliant idea--
>>a tax on empty buildings.
>>There are so many empty building around-- from office buildings to
>>flats and houses.
>>Currently, people here in Australia can use properties as a tax dodge
>>(through negative gearing-- I don't quite *understand* it, but I know
>>it's done). People can rent out their properties or leave them
>>unoccupied-- the tax benefits are the same.
>>What if people were *taxed* on any unoccupied buildings they owned,
>>How many landlords would decide they *had* to rent out their
>>properties? Lots, I suspect.
>>What do you think?

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