[Hpn] school for the homeless

Sandy Andrews sandra@asu.edu
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 13:14:34 -0700 (MST)


Wondering if you all have heard (or maybe already discussed but I did not 
notice it) the problems that Pappas school in Phoenix is having. The 
federal government want to shut it down, saying that it discriminates 
against homeless children by segregating them. Arizonans are trying to 
figure out how to fund it anyway. Pappas is a home for these kids. They 
are picked up wherever their families are sleeping and taken to school. 
Classes are comfortable...couches if you need to fall asleep in class..it 
is OK to bring a snack and eat it if you are hungry. You don't have to 
share. It doesn't matter how you dress; and there are clothes, washers 
and dryers, and health care in the school. The kids love it. Of course 
it is far, far from perfect. But a warm place where no one teases you and 
everyone supports you...this is splendid. What do you all think?