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George M Weinert V georgemvw69@hotmail.com
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 09:42:45 CDT

Subject: Help?
>Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 08:26:44 -0700 (PDT)
>Ok, here we go again! Now, if I have been corresponding with you in the 
>past, or am currently getting in touch with you there a few things that 
>must be said - I've been in a bad financial situation recently and am once 
>again amongst the homeless - details follow.
>HI, can somebody out there help me?!?!? I am currently
>(temporarily) homeless, quite lterally sleeping in an
>abandoned garage with my cats (7 of them) and surving
>on food stamps (which ran out until the 26th of this
>month) and food pantries. I have over 18 years CS
>experience (see my resume at
>- a Masters in Music Composition, a Bachelors in Music
>Composition, 2/3rds of a Masters in Computer Science -
>but with the exception of a few small contracts here
>and there have been fundamentally unemployed for about a
>year - in that time, lost the home I lived in for 47
>years, have been living in shelters and "Christian"
>recovery homes for the last year and a half and
>surviving in the afore-mentioned manner. Yes, I have
>contacted all the necessay agencies, to no avail - and
>I still wind up sleeping in an abdandoned garage!
>sheesh, this is absurd!!!
>We are in booming economy, I have qualifications up
>the kazoo, and here this happens.
>Now, folks - I need shelter, and simply a chance to
>get on my feet - and a few weeks to get a  decent job
>and get situtation. I have small needs, but do have
>three adults cats and a two kittens to consider.
>I do not drink have been a member of AA for 15 years,
>and chaired hundreds of meetings - never did drugs.
>Am Cathlice, attend mass daily and recieve communion
>every morning, and say five rosaries a day as well.
I also maintain our Church Web Site at
as a volunteer for our Parish.
>God Has a reason for this, but I'm kinda getting to
>feel like Job now!
>Is there ANYONE out there in cybyberland that can
>May Almighty God Bless and Keep You, George
>please respond to:
>So it is time for truth
>or consequences, so to speak. I have been an
>indenpendtnt consutant for 12 years, and about 5 years
>ago ran into a very bad financial deal, which forced
>me to take out a home equity loan on my home - I two
>years later ran into another financial disaster and
>thsu wa uneable to pay off the loan. Two years ago in
>Oct. I lost my home and became homeless - well, for
>the last year and  a half I have been variously living
>in shelters, "Christian" recovery homes and abandoned
>garages. Sounds wild, but for a sinlgle male there are
>NO comprehenvive sources of help available. Anyway, if
>you have an 800 number, please let me know - when your
>only income is food stampes (and an ocassional short
>term contract that does not provide much) spare change
>for phone calls is difficult to come by - so let me
>know - of if you will accept a coolect call that will
>do also.
>Now, I have once again been forced to stay in an
>abandoned garage and am also caring for an epilectic
>friend who has special needs (another homeless woman)
>- so if communications are kinda messed up, please
>forgive me.
>Anyway, let me know - I would love to find a way out
>of the mess I have found myself in for almost two
>years and in this economy, with my experience there
>MUST be a way to get something line up.
So, if you've got a JOB let me know - anywhere, anytime is just fine with me 
- but it looks like it's back to the church and the abandoned garage for a 
while, so if you've got a Web Developer, WebMaster, Visual Basic 6.0, SQL 
Server or MS Access gig DO let me know post haste.
I started on the Internet back in 1980, long before anyone ever heard of it 
at all - they called it Arpanet back then (see an Internet History book or 
text file) and have been a SYSOP/Webmaster for 15 years as well as a Data 
Base Developer for 20 years - see my resume for full details.
>May God Bless and Keep You,
>George V
>George V
>773-276-5434 (Voice)
>aka Jazzman59
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