[Hpn] Parity (August 2000): Homeless Programs Overseas

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Parity is the journal of the Council to Homeless Persons here in

I wish I'd got my Seattle report finished in time for this month's
issue-- it would have fitted in so well...


Source: Council to Homeless Persons/www.infoxchange.net.au/parity/
Posted: 03:01 pm 06-09-2000

August Edition of Parity: Homeless Programs Overseas


1. Two Decades of Market "Experiment" in New Zealand: Carolyn Wait;
New Zealand Council of Social Services.
2. Scotland Acts: Mel Young; The Big Issue, Scotland.
3. The Production and Maintenance of Rooflessness in Greece: Vassilis
Arapoglou, ARSIS Social Organisation for the Support of Youth.
4. Social Policy for the Homeless in Spain: Esperanza Linares; Caritas
Espanola Program for Homeless People.
5. Homeless in Ireland: Unmet Needs: Claire Hickey; Focus Ireland.
6. The Fight to End Homelessness: How Far Have we Come?: Dr. Anne
Golden; United Way, Greater Toronto.
7. Homeless in Denmark:Per Thomsen and Arne Jacobsen.
8. Tackling Street Homelessness in Scotland: A Joined Up Strategy?:
Isobel Anderson; University of Stirling.
9. HERA: a Holistic Approach to Homelessness: Ida Motturi, HERA,
10. Legal Services to Homeless People in the United States: Caitlin
11. Opinion Page: International Responses to Homelessness: Maureen
Crane; University of Sheffield.

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Contact Phone: 03 9606 0766

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