[Hpn] Anitra on NBC - reschedule

Anitra Freeman anitra@speakeasy.org
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 16:15:52 -0700 (PDT)

This is going to several lists, and to save (more) confusion most of
them are in Bcc.  My apologies if you get this message twice -- or if
you didn't get the original one.

I apologize to everyone who sat through an entire hour of "Homepage"
Monday morniing without seeing the spot on computer classes for homeless
people that I teach here in Seattle.

I sent a query to the producer today and this is the scoop.
---------- Forwarded message ----------

hi Anitra...
the segment is scheduled for this Friday the 15th at 9am EST on NBC.. but
before you send that e-mail out, I should caution you that if any news story
breaks the day/night before, there's always the chance it could get bumped
to a later day. A slim chance, but one just the same.
What I would recommend is for you to send me a reminder e-mail on
Thursday afternoon (morning, your time) and I'll let you know if
Friday's the day for sure or not.
--- end forward ---

So, our three minutes will *probably* be broadcast Friday morning.  I
will send out an email on Thursday letting you know for sure.  

Which channel carries NBC and when it brodcasts "Homepage" does vary
from location to location, so check your local listings.  Here in
Seattle, "Homepage" broadcasts on Channel 5 at 10AM.  

If you aren't watching TV during the broadcast time, this gives you a
few days to get your VCR set up! :)

There will be views of the Real Change computer workshop, quotes from an
interview with me and several StreetWrites members who have also used
the RC workshop with me, and footage of Noel House emergency shelter for
women where I stayed for awhile back in 1995.

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