[Hpn] Homeless man's death was from blunt force trauma - CO Springs USA - fw

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 12:33:43 -0700 (PDT)

Yes we have these things happen here as it is part of
the NIMBI extreme. This type of action is further
enhanced by City Council and the general orders of the
police.  Due to the fact that homeless are generally
of the criminal element due to there means of
survival(camping ordinance).  The neighborhoods
generate the hate and the teenage siblings often
enhance the problem. They urinate, defecate,
incinerate and destroy the property of the homeless
person, while he is taking care of his business.  The
homeless are so scared by there former contacts with
police that hate crimes of simple assault to assault
with deadly weapons often go unreported. I was the
victim of most of what I am describing.
While I sat waiting for a bus one night I was
repeatedly assaulted by ejected objects from a
repeated drive-by. Near the same location my sleeping
bag was burned and nine days later date I received a
citation for the fire under the camping ordinance.
On another situation I was smeared with deification as
I washed it off I was charged with criminal trespass
by the security of the place I used to clean up. The
location of the assault was fire bombed as I was being
written up and later I was documented with the arson.
TO the arson and asalt there was never an arrest. This
type of crimes against the homeless are daily
occurrances that goes unreported as when they are
reported we get arrested and victimized further.

Over the last three years we averaged 49 deaths of our
city wide family. Last month the skeletal remains of
two men were found along the hike and bike trail
several blocks north of UTEX Austin. They were labeled
as cause of death unknown though trauma was
recognized. Last spring a homeless woman was sexually
assaulted, and murdered. We have found remains every
few weeks in late stages of decomposition, mostly
homeless, therefor minimal investigations take place.

This is how Bush is trying to resolve the situation of
the Homeless.  How would he resolve the homeless
problems when he gets to the White House?

--- Tom Boland wrote:
> Have "hate murders" of homeless people where
> you live?
> Who or what might motivate those who "bash trolls"?

Wire Service - Sep 10,
> 2000
> COLORADO SPRINGS, _ A homeless man whose
> body was
> found underneath a bridge over the weekend died of
> blunt force
> trauma to the head, El Paso County Coroner Dr. David
> The man, who has not been identified, was found in a
> sleeping
> bag Saturday underneath Street bridge with
> only his head
> exposed, said Sunday.
> Officers were continuing their investigation and
> were to use a
> nationwide fingerprint search to locate the man's
> identity,
> Colorado Springs Police Mark said.
> Police interviewed some men who had been sleeping
> inside an
> empty boxcar near the bridge where the man's body
> was found. They
> told police they had a confrontation shortly before
> the man's body
> was found with a group of men who were carrying a
> 2-by-4.
> Investigators did not know if the incidents were
> related.

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