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How can I be removed from this discussion board?

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> On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Anitra Freeman wrote:
> > Yesterday afternoon a film crew from MSNBC was here in the Real Change
> > ofices, Seattle, filming a story on our computer classes.  They had
> > picked up on a Wired article about my own experiences and the classes I
> > teach for WHEEL (homeless women's group) and Real Change.  They
> > interviewed myself and three members of StreetWrites (homeless /
> > low-income writer's group) -- Reneene Robertson, Storm, and Kevin
> > Vanderhoef -- and shot footage of the Real Change computer workshop;
> > they also visited Noel House emergency shelter for women.  All of this
> > will be on the NBC show "Homepage" which broadcasts Mondays at 9AM
> > Pacific coast time, probable broadcast date September 11.  The local
> > Seattle NBC station is Channel 5.  Check your local listings and tune us
> > in on Monday morning!
> To clear up some confusion -- the Wired article I referred to is *not*
> the same one that Jonathan Vankin interviewed several people here for.
> That article is still in process.  It might be out in October, or as
> late as December.  It is going to include the stories of several
> different homeless activities on the Internet, across the U.S.
> The Wired article I referred to was by a local Seattle writer and just
> covered local Seattle programs.  You can find it at
> http://wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,37863,00.html
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