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> Springs
> This is from our daily paper. If anyone on this list has any information
> on 
> this man, it certainly would be appreciated. He seems to be a real unknown
> locally. Did he stay at a facility you are involved with?
> Not noted in the articles on this incident, the location where this man
> was 
> sleeping is two blocks from our main Red Cross Shelter - which had around
> 40 
> empty beds, most of which are in the single men's section....
> Matt Parkhouse, Colorado Springs, CO
> Dead man identified
> Victim discovered under bridge
> Police used fingerprints to identify the homeless man found dead under the
> Cimarron Street Bridge bridge Saturday.
> John Michael Jones, 42, died of massive head trauma in an apparent
> homicide, 
> according to Colorado Springs police. His last known address was
> Louisville, 
> Ky. Police have no suspects.
> Jones was the second homeless man killed in Colorado Springs this year.
> His 
> body was found inside a blue sleeping bag with only the head visible. 
> Three men walking under the bridge near Conejos Street spotted him
> Saturday 
> morning.
> A worker at the Marian House soup kitchen recognized the man from a police
> photograph, saying she had seen him the previous day with a battered face
> and 
> asked him to get help.
> The Gazette
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