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An internal investigation found "no cause for disciplinary action"
in the case cited below.  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Sep 08, 2000


DANBURY, Conn. (AP) _ The estate of a homeless man who died
inside a Danbury jail has filed a lawsuit against the city,
claiming the police department could have prevented his death.

Michael Brown, 46, was found dead in his cell on Sept. 6, 1999,
three days after being locked up for trespassing in an abandoned
building. An autopsy showed he died of delirium tremens, commonly
known as DTs.

``They knew he had a drinking problem and they just put him in a
cell. They should have taken extra precautions,'' said Christopher
Molyneaux, the attorney for Brown's estate.

An internal investigation conducted by the department after
Brown's death found no cause for disciplinary action against any of
the officers on duty at the time, Chief Robert Paquette said.

The lawsuit names the city, the police department, Paquette and
police Capt. Arthur Sullo. Molyneaux said Sullo was named because
he was on duty when Brown died. Sullo says he was not working that

Paquette said the surveillance system inside the cell block has
been upgraded since Brown's death with the installation of improved
camera equipment. The cell blocks were also repainted in an effort
to make it easier for the officer watching the closed-circuit
camera system to see inside, he said.

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