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HN Homeless folks & HPNers, what's your opinion of the editorial below?

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FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Sep 09, 2000


     By The Associated Press

     Foster's Daily Democrat, Dover, N.H.

Gov. Jeanne Shaheen's task force has come up with a plan to help
alleviate the HOUSING SHORTAGE in New Hampshire, but it only
scratches the surface when it comes to dealing with a severe and
chronic situation that threatens the state's economy.

The New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority has agreed to
increase the number of affordable housing units it will build next
year from 400 to 600. Fifty of those units will be for senior

Additionally, the authority will double funding for its
emergency rental program that helps families on the verge of
homelessness. At least eight workers will be hired to help families
find housing in the state.

It's a good start, but it's not nearly enough.

Analysts say that 15,000 people move to the Granite State each

With economic growth predicted to continue over the next five to
eight years, more housing is essential.

When it comes to the housing shortage, the effects of the
1989-91 recession in New England are still being felt. Buoyed by a
phenomenal real estate market in the mid-1980s, many builders built
like crazy then got burned when the market took a nosedive.

Understandably, the home mortgage and construction industries
are skittish because today's market resembles that prior to the

The shortage of affordable housing is a regional problem that
requires a regional solution. The governor's task force has taken a
step to be built upon now, while there is still time to preserve
the state's strong economy.

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