[Hpn] "Homeless on the Internet" on NBC TV!

Anitra Freeman anitra@speakeasy.org
Fri, 08 Sep 2000 14:58:09 -0700 (PDT)

Yesterday afternoon a film crew from MSNBC was here in the Real Change
ofices, Seattle, filming a story on our computer classes.  They had
picked up on a Wired article about my own experiences and the classes I
teach for WHEEL (homeless women's group) and Real Change.  They
interviewed myself and three members of StreetWrites (homeless /
low-income writer's group) -- Reneene Robertson, Storm, and Kevin
Vanderhoef -- and shot footage of the Real Change computer workshop;
they also visited Noel House emergency shelter for women.  All of this
will be on the NBC show "Homepage" which broadcasts Mondays at 9AM
Pacific coast time, probable broadcast date September 11.  The local
Seattle NBC station is Channel 5.  Check your local listings and tune us
in on Monday morning!

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