[Hpn] Homeless Activism 2000

kelsdrumr@webtv.net kelsdrumr@webtv.net
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 00:02:51 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, I am formerly homeless and an activist for 15 years on the issue. I
am new to the group      and thought I would like to add something. 
    What I have found in my years of activism      is a real lack of
political understanding among the ranks of the homeless. This problem is
no    different in the overall society, but should not be the problem it
is among the homeless. I must forwarn you I am a Marxist and in fact a
communist. What I do not understand is that why those that have the
least to lose and the most to gain are so often anti-communist. The only
way known to truly ending this kind of poverty is socialism. 
     What I have experienced is that homeless people can be organized to
make a difference    and it must be  on a broad set of issues. Number
one, the focus must be on jobs or income. We must decide that we truly
want the same things that everyone wants. Without income or decent jobs
the housing issue is only a temporary solution. Without healthcare there
is no guarantee to life at all. We should not spend all of our time
fighting issues over the
"civil rights" of sleeping in a park or other such issues that are not
any real solution. Granted     there are those that want to live on the
streets    but most do not. There are also the multitude of working poor
that are homeless now. Solidarity among the poor and labor is also a
must no matter how difficult it can be. Fighting poverty historically
can only be effective through mass struggle. As homeless and unemployed
there is no labor power by ourselfs. 
     Most people that have been homeless were so temporarily. This is
significant as there are so many that can relate if presented the
problem correctly. It's not enough that we know the problems, we all
know that. We need to fight for solutions , it is the same fight that
labor, women, immigrants, those oppressed racially     and the working
poor are waging.
      If you want to truly educate yourself read Marx and Lenin ,find
out how you can really fight-back. The answers are there and you do not
have to be alone any more.