Stephen Twig Meeks s_meeks99@yahoo.com
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 12:03:55 -0700 (PDT)

Merry meet;
Marcro Society as you are speaking about sounds
Enjoy that you are into a realm of home repairs, as
well as basic needs for people there...
Love your idea for a crafts program....a couple of
years ago I submitted a proposal for a sustainable
crafts progrm via the local homeless service provider
resource here in Austin Tx aka ARCH Austin Resource
Center for the Homeless...
I was told at the time that my proposal was too
structured, ( The program would teach people a craft
skill to vend as well as micro economics {ie;
supplies,time, retail sale value, etc.}). 
This program never made it out of Mayor's Homeless
Task Force meeting (due to ARCH's) recommendation that
it was "too structured" of a program  this program
wopuld have taught people more ways to be self

Good luck on your programs, and remember that goal is
for our people to become self suficient, and be
productive members of society. (Yes may be houseless,
but do contribute to "society").
Remember Service Providers that get those State, City,
Federal Dollars, need to keep the numbers up, so that
they recieve a paycheck due to "homelessness".

We the people of the"private" (PEOPLES SECTOR!!!) are
the ones that will have an impact on helping our
brothers and sisters through this heinous crime of
"homelessness", for our "paychecks", DO NOT depend on
the fact that there are "homeless" people to fill up
our spaces that we can show the numbers to BIG
BROTHER, and getting funding for nice spacious offices
to crunch numbers what they would have the pe3ople to
believe that the homeless population is.

Keep up the fight for our freedom without government

Peace, Love and Solidarity;


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